About Us

Located near San Diego, AmberAutomation was
created in January 2005 by Brian Cantarini.  
Brian is a Crestron Silver Certified Master
Programmer with CAIP (Crestron Authorized
Independent Programmer) status.  He places a
value on continuing education in order to
provide the most expedient and proficient services
to his customers.  Brian's Silver Certification level is evidence of this
commitment.  (Crestron Silver Certification, announced January 2008, denotes
those who have attended at least three of the last four Crestron Masters
training courses... Brian attended all four and is on the fast-track for Gold status).

Brian has direct experience dating from 1993, and has completed hundreds of
Crestron projects.  Plus, Brian has been an audio/video professional since 1981,
and still teaches at the college level for the pure joy of it.  His extensive expertise
and ability in programming and system design has had him successfully
completing multiple concurrent projects in corporate, residential, government and
educational settings worldwide.

AmberAutomation is purposely small, with no aspirations to become a large,
factory-like programming company.  This is by design.  Ours is a highly
specialized field and as such, requires the personal attention
and expertise that
come from direct interaction between dealer/designer and programmer.  With
AmberAutomation, the attention of an experienced programmer is focused on
your project before, during, and after installation.

Brian and AmberAutomation are active in the following professional organizations:
  • ICIA (InfoComm), current member, and member of the Independent
    Programmers Council
  • AES (Audio Engineering Society), current member, and member of the
    San Diego chapter's Education Committee
  • BEA (Broadcast Education Association), current member
  • NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), regular convention attendee
    for over two decades
  • CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), regular
    convention attendee
And more involvement is planned for the near future...

On a personal note, and for insight into Brian... Why "Amber?"  Several reasons.  
First, you've heard of the relationship between a boy and his dog?  Amber (the
dog/company mascot) believes in consistency and simplicity,
just like a good control system.  The second is for the location
in the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny, where Amber is
the antithesis of Chaos, just like a good control system.  
The third, and perhaps most important reason lies within what
some believe to be the power of the geological gem.  It is said
that amber has an uplifting spiritual quality and is believed to
help one be joyful and happy.  It lightens the burdens of life, just like a good
control system.