Technology Simplified
AmberAutomation is a highly experienced Crestron system
design and programming company offering services to
audio/video, lighting and automation dealers and contractors in
both commercial and residential fields.  

We are an independent company, yet enjoy the full support of
Crestron via our Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer
(CAIP) status.

Why work with a CAIP?  Here's what Crestron has to say:
    The title of Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer
    is more than just a label. Having earned his or her stripes
    through intensive training and real-world experience, a
    Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer offers a
    much higher level of expertise and familiarity with Crestron
    than other independents.

    As part of Crestron's award-winning True Blue Support
    team, those independent programmers we've certified are
    part of our extended family, and receive a level of support
    equal to any member of the Crestron True Blue team.
And they really mean it!  Please take a moment to explore our